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I've heard rumors he was something of a hard-ass to survive all those years in New York, but I'm so glad he has matured into such a graceful human being. This is endearing to all those who took care of him in Rhode Island, as well as to those who might care for him in the future. What a kind and grateful gesture!

Per Hartmann, it appears that Medicare Advantage may be a tactic the private insurers are using to siphon money out of the government’s Medicare funds, while still functioning under a for-profit insurance model. As these for-profit insurance companies do all they can to maximize their profit, that entails taking in the most money they can while still paying out the least they can. I don’t doubt they are fraudulently labeling patients with diagnoses to increase their pay from the government, as they simultaneously make it as hard as possible for patients to get and doctors to give the care they need (requiring authorizations for sooo many things to deter the ordering of more expensive tests, denying payment on unfounded reasons after the fact to see if people will bother to fight the denial, refusing authorizations to see if patients or doctors will bother jumping through the hoops to try again to get the care desired… to name a few).

These insurance companies truly do fish for higher risk, as an example, if someone scores a 4/5 on a minicog then the next time I see their attestation sheet it will have “unspecified dementia” and say “diagnosis suggested due to minicog of 4/5 at previous visit.” Another one I see suggested daily is “immunodeficiency, unspecified” when a patient has COPD, diabetes, etc.